Month: August 2020

Swallowing Problems in Seniors Featured Image

How To Manage Swallowing Problems In Seniors

Some seniors suffer from swallowing problems that severely impact health and wellbeing. This problem can make mealtimes nerve-wracking and challenging for seniors and caregivers alike. If you know an older adult who struggles with this problem, keep reading to learn how you can help.

Daily Living Aids For Seniors Featured Image

Daily Living Aids For Seniors Aging In Place

Daily living aids can help your loved one age in place safely while giving you peace of mind. These include various products designed to help seniors (or anyone) complete activities of daily living (ADLs) with safety, ease, and independence. Here are a few products to consider for your loved one’s home.


5 Ways To Stop Gerbil Wheel Caregiving

It’s hard to break free when you’re stuck in the cycle of gerbil wheel caregiving. Keep reading for actionable tips you can use to break the cycle today.

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