5 Tips for Choosing the Right Home Caregiver

A large number of people need special care and attention when they reach a certain age. According to the data available on Statista.com, in 2017, 23% of US adults believed that they would be looked after by an in-home professional caregiver as they aged.

The same report showed that 47% of the interviewees said that their partner would take care of them. 27% of them stated that their children would be their care providers.

Here’s how senior citizens, their partners, and their children can choose the right home caregiver.

Consult medical professionals

The reasons why somebody would ask for home care may vary from family to family.

For instance, some people might not have any severe illnesses, but they or their closest relatives don’t want them to be alone. Or, some people suffer from a particular medical condition.

Both types of people need professional supervision, which is why it’s recommended to consult your family doctor, together with one or more medical specialists.

Moreover, there are different types of home caregivers, from certified nursing assistants to personal care assistants to home health aides, to name a few.

Your final choice will depend on the particular needs of your dearest ones, as well as on the availability of caregivers in your region.

Double-check caregiver references

The field of home care is a sensitive area. It’s important to mention that health care fraud is on the rise in the US.

There are two main reasons for the growth of scams in this field.

First, the number of older people is growing, which increases the need for specialized care. Secondly, many families aren’t capable of providing the necessary care to their parents and relatives.

So, when you’re choosing the right home caregiver for your beloved ones, double-check every candidate.

If you’re going to employ this person on your own, it’s important to know that from the legal point of view, you’re going to be their employer.

Therefore, make sure that you get familiar with the key aspects of a personal care agreement.

This document has to contain every single detail, from work hours to compensation and, most importantly, the caregiver’s responsibilities.

Hire via a professional agency

While finding and hiring a caregiver on your own is a viable option, it could be a double-edged sword. No matter how much time you spend checking the candidates, some things can go under the radar.

Even though it might be a less expensive option at the beginning, it might become quite expensive if you hire an inadequate person.

What you can do instead is to hire a caregiver via an authorized agency.

The greatest benefit of this procedure is the fact that they do most of the administrative work for you. What’s more, it’s the agency who is legally liable for the caregiver.

Some families provide professional assistance to their older members even if they live in the same household.

No matter if you opt for a short-term care contract or if you’re planning to make a long-term agreement, closing the deal with the help of an agency is a smart thing to do.

Ensure smooth communication

Clear communication with home caregivers is of crucial importance if you want to ensure excellent care. This is even more important if the person in the care of the chosen professional has serious medical issues.

First and foremost, it’s vital to prepare well for the interview with the candidates.

While you should write a list of your own questions, here are some important questions suggested by The Mayo Clinic.

You need to communicate everything that you find essential for that position beforehand. That way, you’ll minimize the risk of miscommunication between you and the caregiver.

As for the practical aspects of communication, the caregiver must have all your phone numbers, i.e., your cell phone, as well as your home and office landline.

Moreover, there should be a strict set of rules regarding daily routines when it comes to regular routes for walks.

Also, it’s wise to ask the chosen professional assistant to always talk to you if they want to introduce some changes into those daily routes and routines.

Apart from that, you could think about installing one of those medical alert systems inside the home. That way, you’ll be automatically notified in case of emergency. This is also a handy device for senior citizens who live alone.


Caregiving for senior citizens is an extremely delicate matter. There are different sorts of people in need of proper care and there are different caregivers.

Because of that, we think that it’s important to take some time to prepare properly for the hiring procedure.

We hope that the tips and resources explained in this article will be useful in your search for the perfect caregiver for your beloved ones.

AuthorBio: Anne Harris is an HR specialist working for londonlive-incare.com. She eagerly shares her knowledge with her audience on various blogs. When she isn’t writing or attending wellness conferences, she likes to pack her rucksack and ride her day away on her bike or spend time with her friends.

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