Our Mission

Meetcaregivers connect families to caregivers for seniors.

90% of seniors want to age at home. Our mission is to enable them to age at home safely as long as possible. We use technology to improve the quality and experience of home care for seniors, families, and caregivers.

We care about our trained in-home professional through better compensation, benefits, training, and support.

Our Story

Meetcaregivers was started by Florence Furaha, a graduate of the Babson F.W. Olin Graduate School of Management. 

Florence and her team have a passion for caregiving and are dedicated to providing warm, safe, and collaborative healthcare to seniors living at home.

Some of the highlights of Meetcaregivers over the past years include:

  • Winners of Entrepreneurship for All
  • Masschallenge/Pulse Finalist
  • Odyssey media pitch contest in 2018

The Founder

Meet Florence Furaha

Florence worked as a caregiver while in college. She was a natural at it. She enjoyed the people, the stories, and the chance to support her own aging family through the years.

However, she stumbled across the major pitfalls of the industry; “The process can be stressful, time-consuming, especially for families who do not live in the same city as their aging parents.”

Similar issues arose from the caregivers’ side: poor treatment, erratic schedules, and unfair revenue sharing. The result was that neither families nor caregivers were great matches and the relationships and care suffered.

Florence went on to get her MBA, and then founded MeetCareGivers.com with the idea that tech could be used to mitigate caregiver challenges. She created an online platform that prescreens and scrupulously pairs families to just the right qualified caregivers.

Florence “It’s really important to match seniors with the right caregivers, it’s not always about the exact skills and experience. It’s a lot about the personality match, and we are spending a lot of time building the technology around it – for the person needing care, but also the person finding and managing care.”