14 Comfort Aids For Seniors You Need To Have

Comfort Aids For Senior House Guests

When preparing for house guests, your priority is ensuring they feel comfortable and relaxed at your home. But for older guests, you may have to adjust some of the usual accommodations. More often than not, the right comfort aids for seniors will make them feel right at home.

These modifications to your home will go a long way to promoting your loved one’s safety and comfort, whether it’s a brief visit or a long-term stay.

Comfort Aids for the Bathroom

For older adults, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in your home because there is a higher chance of a fall. However, there are easy solutions to lower this risk and improve accessibility.

Comfort aids for seniors that you can fold and stowaway when not in use work great for times when multiple people will share the bathroom. 

1. Shower chairs and bath seats

A shower chair or bath seat can make washing more convenient for elders with poor balance or who tire quickly. You can find several styles for your space and budgetary needs, such as a basic stool, a chair with a back and arms, or a seat that attaches on the bath’s edge and allows seniors to pivot in and out of the tub, eliminating the need to step over the tub.

2. Hand-held showerheads

A hand-held showerhead gives your loved one more control over the water flow while sitting in a shower chair. 

3. Elevated toilet seats

As we age, some movements become more difficult — and sometimes dangerous — as our mobility declines. Bending is one of the first changes that aging adults experience, making basic activities like using the restroom uncomfortable.

However, an elevated toilet seat is one comfort aid for seniors that can make this task much more convenient. Like shower chairs, you can find a range of raised toilet seats according to your budget and loved one’s needs. 

4. Hygiene assistive devices

Elders with reduced dexterity or struggle with reaching may have trouble managing their hygiene. Comfort aids for seniors that assist with more personal activities such as using the restroom safeguards independence. An assistive device like the Jobar Long Reach Comfort Wipe helps older adults maintain their hygiene and cleanliness and dignity. 

5. Safety frames

If your loved one struggles with balance issues, consider installing a temporary safety frame around your toilet. The bars make it much easier for seniors to move up and down. Some elevated toilet seats even include armbars to tackle both issues at once!

6. Grab bars

Grab bars are a permanent home modification that you can install around your toilet or next to your bathtub or shower. 

Comfort Aids for the Bedroom

You can’t underestimate the importance of sleep for seniors. So whether your older house guests plan to stay for one night or several, make sure you outfit the room with the right comfort aids for seniors. 

7. Bed rails

Sometimes, elderly adults require assistance moving in and out of bed. A bed rail can go a long way to improve their mobility and independence. Some models include adjustable legs and arms, allowing seniors to walk further from the bed after getting out of it. 

8. Mattress cushions

Older adults should have a mattress that evenly disperses their body weight to reduce pressure on their joints and their bodies. But if the current one in your guest room is anything but comfortable, don’t worry! Instead of replacing it, look for a mattress topper that provides enough support for your loved one. 

9. Mattress covers

Protect your mattress with a vinyl mattress cover. Look for one made out of hospital-grade materials for quick and easy cleanup. Similarly, waterproof pads can protect against spills or incontinence and reduces the amount of laundry you have to do if it covers a bottom sheet. 

10. Pillows and foam wedges

Just like older adults need good mattress support, they also need a supportive pillow that ensures comfort when sitting up and sleeping. Use a foam wedge to cradle the neck and head and make breathing easier. Wedges are versatile: seniors can use them for laying down and sitting upright.

Miscellaneous Comfort Aids for Seniors

There are a few comfort aids for seniors you can add throughout your house to add that extra touch of home. 

11. Magnifiers

For example, keeping a picket magnifier handy can make it easier for seniors with reduced vision to read or see the finer details while working on certain hobbies. 

12. Plastic cardholders

If your loved one has arthritis or another condition that makes it challenging to hold playing cards, a transparent plastic holder can significantly help. 

13. Moveable tabletops

Portable tables with a support handle attached to it can make it much easier for older adults to get up and down from a sofa or chair. Some models contain convenient features like cupholders and adjustable compartments, so your loved one’s items are always nearby. You can keep the portable tabletop in the guest room, living room, or any space your loved one frequently uses.

14. Audible devices

If your loved one is hard of hearing, finding the right TV volume can be a battle. You want your loved one to enjoy the show, but a loud TV might drown out conversations and cause discomfort to others. 

TV Ears give you and your loved one the best of both worlds. The headset connects to your television and lets seniors adjust the volume to their comfort level. 


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