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Hiring a Caregiver with MeetCaregivers

If you are reading this article, you are likely considering finding a caregiver for an aging loved one. MeetCaregivers understands that this can be a difficult time. To alleviate your stress, we have developed a process to make hiring a caregiver simple and straightforward.

Contacting MeetCaregivers

Many people reach out to us through an internet search, word-of-mouth, or recommendation by a health care professional. When searching online, make sure you are on the agency’s official website to find a caregiver, rather than a third-party site. Using an agency’s official website will ensure your security and make sure you are getting the help you want.

To contact MeetCaregivers, you can either call at 1-888-541-1136 or visit our website. Additionally, you can e-mail Cynthia, our director of sales, at info@ Whatever your method of contact is, you can expect a response immediately or within the hour.

xpexels photo 1061583.jpeg.pagespeed.ic .mEX2HA50YyFinding a Caregiver on MCG

In addition to this hands-on approach, some people prefer to find caregivers by searching our site’s caregiver database.

The database includes bios, pictures, and videos of each caregiver. Think of it like a matchmaking service where you choose the caregiver that best fits you and your loved one’s needs (and of course, personality).

An assessment isn’t always needed when you select a caregiver yourself. However, MeetCaregivers will still work with you to be sure you and your family get the appropriate services. We will always provide an assessment if desired. Whether you select a caregiver on your own or use an assessment to match, the pricing is the same.

Are Appointments Necessary?

After you hear back from us, we will arrange to have a trained professional meet with you and your loved one at home. Here, we will assess your loved one’s needs and determine which services are best. This assessment is free, and during this time we will work to answer your questions, identify your concerns, and agree on the best care.

Additionally, the home care professional will obtain your loved one’s history and ask questions about his or her current situation. These include issues such as what your loved ones need help with and what scope of caregiving is Caregiver - Nurse Applying Creamnecessary to provide the best service.

Does your loved one need assistance with daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, meals and meal preparation? What about running errands, shopping, transportation, housekeeping, or companionship? These questions will help figure out the best way MeetCaregivers can get your loved one the best care.

Many times, families reach out to MeetCaregivers right after a change in health status that raises many stresses and concerns. We feel that this appointment is vital to finding the perfect caregiver. This collaborative conversation lasts 30-60 minutes and will help us make a plan that suits your family’s needs.

During this visit, we also find out where things in the home are located, if keys are needed, and other logistical questions. Since finding a caregiver is like a matchmaking service, we also ask what kind of caregiver your loved one would like. Do they prefer someone who is extroverted, introverted or something in between the two?

Our job at MCG is to help you find the right care as well as the frequency of care for your loved one. It is often a relief after this initial appointment and establishes the appropriate care.

Caregiver - Care PortalHow Long Does Finding A Caregiver Take?

We have found that people reach out to us when there is an urgent need for a caregiver, so we work very quickly. Generally, we can schedule an assessment on the same day or work with you to find the best time.

MeetCaregivers Care Portal

The MeetCaregivers Care Portal sets us apart from other agencies. It is especially helpful if you and your loved one don’t live locally. The care portal provides information about each visit and allows for seamless communication.

For more information, contact Meetcaregivers at 1-888-541-1136 or info@

Looking for more resources about caregivers? Our blog has plenty of information for you to read and learn about the topic. Boston’s AARP website is another source for local events and support in the area.

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