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If you missed the webinar, here’s a quick recap of some questions asked by our audience. You can also watch the full recording below.

See How We Plan To Help More Seniors In 2023

Our recent Q&A was an excellent chance to share our plans for 2023 and how we aim to transform senior care by helping millions more seniors age at home. We appreciate the opportunity to talk about our learnings from 2022 and upcoming initiatives for 2023!

2022: A Year Of Growth

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90% of seniors want to age in the comfort of their homes. But unfortunately, many seniors live alone or need around-the-clock care. We aim to support those seniors and help them find the ideal caregiver for their unique situation. We made significant strides toward achieving our mission in 2022:

  • We grew from 14 to 33 states.
  • We formed several national partnerships with senior care facilities and health plans.
  • We significantly expanded our CarePortal app and CareFinder tool capabilities.

Looking At 2023

Making homecare more accessible starts by making homecare more affordable. To do that, we partner with Medicare Advantage plans to deliver in-home support as a supplemental benefit. In 2023, we plan to expand our efforts by investing in our Partnership and Sales teams.

In addition to homecare services, we partner with senior care institutions to meet their staffing needs. This helps avoid gaps in care or poor quality care due to staffing shortages or burnout. We intend to follow up on last year’s momentum and scale our partnerships nationally in 2023 through further investments and focus.

MeetCaregivers Can Help

MeetCaregivers matches seniors with trustworthy in-home caregivers who can help them with chores like cooking and cleaning and provide emotional support and social interaction.

To help patients find the caregivers who are the best fit for them, we developed the CarePortal, a digital platform for care coordination. With it, seniors and their families can easily access highly qualified candidates who pass our extensive screening process. While we place a high value on past work experience, we also use a comprehensive personality test to weed out candidates who lack the empathy required for this line of work.

We look at five main points to match caregivers with patients:

  • Care needs
  • Schedule
  • Interest
  • Personality
  • Stress tracking

Our online portal also features a tracking system to streamline care coordination between families and caregivers. With it, caregivers and families can chart medications, changes in treatment, and any other relevant information, ensuring that every detail is documented.

Find a caregiver today, or call 1 (888) 541-1136 to chat with a care manager. Or, for more information about the home care process, visit our Blog.

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