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Caregivers are essential to helping seniors age in place because they provide a holistic perspective of each care recipient. Our Care Portal makes it easier for caregivers to share key information with families and other care team members.

MeetCaregivers: Improving Home Healthcare

Most older adults desire to age at home, yet fragmented care might significantly hinder their ability to do so. Treating this problem as a matter of public health will eliminate many obstacles to health, allowing more elders to remain in their homes and lowering the strain on healthcare systems.

Caregivers are essential to the solution because they provide a comprehensive perspective of each care recipient. This often-overlooked perspective is vital for assessing care needs and identifying obstacles to health and wellbeing.

Our online portal includes a tracking system to streamline care coordination between families and caregivers. Since every detail is tracked in the app, families and caregivers can document prescriptions, treatment changes, and other pertinent information.

The goal of the tracking system is to improve communication and coordination between the whole care team (families, caregivers, care managers, and health plans) involved in the senior’s care, reducing miscommunication.

We are rapidly becoming the largest online platform for caregivers. We intend to increase our reach by encouraging more individuals to sign up for our great services. That way, more elders can receive the necessary care while remaining in the comfort of their own homes!

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We are quickly becoming the largest online caregiver platform. We hope to expand our reach even more by encouraging more people to sign up to access our exceptional services. Our services benefit families by making the time-consuming process of finding reliable senior care more efficient. That way, more seniors can stay in the comfort of their homes while still receiving the care they need!

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