10 Jobs for Seniors

10 Awesome Jobs for Seniors

Some aging members of the workforce look forward to the day they no longer have to work. Others but still want something to occupy part of their time or make extra money. If you’ve been retired for some time, you may wonder what sort of jobs for seniors are available.

There are lots of reasons why you may want to work again. Perhaps you want to stretch your retirement dollars further, or you want to get out of the house some more. No matter how long you’ve been out of the workforce, you have lots of choices. Depending on your level of fitness and skill set, you can find opportunities working outdoors, in an office, or even in your own home.

1. Craft worker
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Retirement is the perfect opportunity to finally try and sell your artwork and make some extra income on the side.

Not only that but working from home gives you the chance to work on your own time and pace. You can fully embrace freedom from a time clock while exercising your creative side.

Online stores like Etsy or Redbubble make opening your little online shop super easy. You can also advertise on Facebook Marketplace and ask your friends and family to spread the word about your art and reach a wider audience as well.

2. Barista

When you think of a barista, you probably think of a young person working in a bustling cafe. But plenty of coffee shops such as Starbucks are willing to hire retirees and can work with on a schedule that fits your needs and physical capabilities. Seniors often bring a unique energy to the team and can connect with a different customer demographic. Plus, who can say no to the remarkable benefits some places provide, like free coffee?

3. Pet sitter
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If you love caring for animals, you’ll love the chance to work as a pet sitter. This gig probably tops the list of unique or unusual jobs for seniors. But it is a great chance to make money while getting plenty of exercise, too.

As a pet sitter, you can take on as much work as you want and work during the day so you have time for yourself at home in the evenings.

Check out apps like Rover or Wag to get your name out there and start meeting clients.

4. Tutor

If you are knowledgeable about a specific subject area or used to teach, becoming a tutor is an excellent opportunity. You can work with a variety of age groups in a wide range of subjects. Consider reaching out to various schools, universities, or academic organizations.

Websites like Tutor.com are a great place to start. Additionally, there are several apps where you can help students living in foreign countries to learn English just by talking to them on the phone! Check out PalFish or VIPKid to learn more.

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5. Courier

Becoming a courier is good if you enjoy driving and being out and about. It’s a low-stress, flexible job for seniors that you may not have considered. It may require a bit of heavy lifting, though. Look online at Fedex.com or USPS to learn more.

6. Translator

The need for bilingual or multilingual workers grows every year, and your skills will be invaluable to any job, particularly as a translator. If you are you fluent in a foreign language, use it to your advantage.

You can find jobs online, as a tutor, or work for a company or organization who needs your language skills. As a translator, you will keep your brain sharp and work in a position that isn’t physically demanding, like other jobs for seniors.

7. In-home care worker
Jobs for Seniors - Caregiver
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Yes, even seniors and those over the age of 70 can work as a caregiver to other aging adults.

Depending on your health, you can help with transportation, carrying groceries, chores around the house, and of course, medical assistance depending on your previous education or training.

Consider reaching out to MeetCaregivers if you are interested in becoming a home health care worker. It is a rewarding experience with flexible hours you can adjust to fit your schedule.

8. Librarian assistant

This job is perfect for those who enjoy being around people but don’t want to work in a customer service industry as a cashier or something similar. As a librarian assistant, you can help patrons with a variety of services, help organize books and media, handle paperwork, and more. At the same time, you have the added benefit of learning technical skills through data entry, researching on the internet, and using word processors.

You don’t need a library sciences degree to apply for this position, and the hours may vary. So contact your area library or check nearby university campuses to learn how you can become a librarian assistant.

9. Substitute teacher
Jobs for Seniors - Substitute Teacher
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When it comes to jobs for seniors, becoming a substitute teacher may not be what comes to mind. However, whether you formerly worked as an educator or not, subbing is one way to make money working as much or as little as you want.

Qualifications vary from state to state (or even district to district), so make sure to look at the department of education or school district’s website to learn the steps to becoming certified. Most substitute teaching licenses can be earned even with partial college credit, so if you don’t have a degree, don’t feel like you can’t apply.

10. Secret Shopper

One of the best parts about being a secret (or mystery) shopper is that anyone can do it. If you enjoy shopping and getting paid (or at least reimbursed) for it, this job might be perfect for you. There are different ways you can receive compensation to make sure you do plenty of research beforehand, so you don’t fall victim to a scam.

So, if you are interested in this unique job, check out companies like Market Force, BestMark, and Perception Strategies to learn more about which type of secret shopping works for you.

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