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Our Mission

MeetCaregivers’s mission is to provide you with high-quality products, services, and technology to meet all of your care needs.

When it comes to senior care, our creed comes down to two words: never settle. We’ve thoroughly researched and vetted all providers and services to ensure that our customers receive only the best. 

As we create the world’s largest online senior care marketplace, we are partnering with health insurance carriers across the country to increase access to affordable, high-quality personal care goods and services for seniors.


Problems And The MeetCaregivers Solution

By offering these benefits to health plans, we can help providers reach new & existing customers with high-quality, affordable, & flexible options.   

While attending college, our founder, Florence Furaha, worked as a caregiver, and she was naturally gifted at it. She relished the people, the stories, and the opportunity to assist her aging family over the years.

However, she encountered several of the industry’s major pitfalls:

  • Stressful processes
  • Finding caregivers is a time-consuming process, even more so for families who do not live in the same city as their aging parents.

Similar issues arose with caregivers, such as:

  • Horrible treatment of seniors
  • Erratic schedules
  • Questionable standard rates leading to unequal revenue distribution

As a result, neither families nor caregivers made ideal matches, and relationships and care suffered as a result.

Our online platform carefully screens and matches families with the most qualified caregivers.

MeetCaregivers provides solutions such as:

  • Matching seniors with qualified caregivers
  • Creating a personality compatibility integration that produces the best matches
  • Investing time in developing the technology to be immensely user-friendly – not just for the person in need of care, but also for the person who finds and manages care
  • Creating structured time blocks in our software for caregivers and seniors

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