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MeetCaregivers has a mission to make caregiving services more widely available to the people who need them most. See how we aim to reach this goal.

MeetCaregivers: Making Caregiving Services Widely Available

Caregiving is an important public health issue. According to a 2016 essay, older adults in the US potentially have seven family caregivers. However, by 2030, experts estimate that number will fall to four.

Historically, caregiving services have not always been available to those who need them the most. In the past, many families lived together and aided each other in their final years or through chronic illness. Today, many families face challenges that make caregiving less feasible. Circumstances, including distance, time, money, and energy, are significant factors in providing care.

MeetCaregivers was founded by Florence Furaha, who worked as a caregiver through college. While she loved working with patients, she saw ample opportunities to improve the system to provide better care for both patients and their families.

She noted, “The process can be stressful and time-consuming, especially for families who do not live in the same city as their aging parents.”

While she witnessed the struggles of the families she was working with, she simultaneously saw that caregivers lacked much-needed support, particularly regarding erratic schedules, unfair revenue sharing, and poor treatment.

Finding The Perfect Match

Finding The Perfect Match
Finding a great match between a patient and a caregiver is no easy feat. Patient and caregiver needs must sync up to provide the best environment for both people.

As Furaha pointed out, “It’s really important to match seniors with the right caregivers, it’s not always about the exact skills and experience. It’s a lot about the personality match, and we are spending a lot of time building the technology around it – for the person needing care, but also the person finding and managing care.”

Florence was inspired to use technology to mitigate caregiver challenges. She created MeetCaregivers’s’ platform to prescreen and scrupulously pair families with the perfect caregivers.

MeetCaregivers is building the world’s largest online marketplace for senior care by providing our clients with high-quality goods, services, and technology for all their care needs. We thoroughly research and vet all providers and services to ensure the platform maintains our high standards.

Our process has led to 95% client satisfaction over 200,000 hours of care! So if you want to learn more, join the MeetCaregivers community today by visiting our website for the best senior support solutions in the country.

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