National Public Health Week 2020

National Public Health Week is April 6-13 

National Public Health Week (NPHW) occurs during the first full week of April. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made global discussions of public health a daily topic.

NPHW recognizes improvements in public health as well as brings attention to important issues that can improve the health of Americans.

The American Public Health Association (APHA) has raised awareness about public health and prevention since 1995. 

Additionally, APHA creates a nation-wide campaign to educate the public, lawmakers, and practitioners about a new theme each year.

Daily Themes for NPHW 2020 

Together with the weeklong theme, Looking Back, Moving Forward, each day during NPexamines different inequalities, why they endure, and how we can improve equity in public health.

  • Monday: Mental health

  • Tuesday: Maternal and Child Health

  • Wednesday: Violence Prevention

  • Thursday: Environmental Health

  • Friday: Education

  • Saturday: Health Housing

  • Sunday: Economics

Visit NPHW 2020 to learn more about each topic, as well as how to observe NPHW and COVID-19

Challenges to Nationwide Public Health

When passed in 2010, the Affordable Care Act offered affordability measures and safeguards for unprotected groups.

However, with the rollback of many measures, many Americans now lack access to convenient and affordable health care.

Many Americans struggle to afford health insurance. | Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

Consequently, their needs hinder efforts to promote the healthiest country in a single generation.

Of course, affordable health insurance isn’t the only thing keeping America from becoming the healthiest nation. 

In addition to examining access to care and the strain of illness, APHA seeks contributions in impartial solutions that support different facets of public health.

Everyone deserves a vibrant and healthy life, and ensuring this means addressing underlying causes of inadequate health and disease. 

Moreover, the manner and environment we live, work, and play affect these causes. For example:

  • At school, a hungry child can’t get the full benefit of an education, which impacts their path to becoming a healthy and successful adult.

  • A low-income single parent who has to decide between staying home with a sick child or missing a day’s pay.

  • Those living in food deserts lack access to nutritious, affordable meals.

  • A student who can’t walk to class since there are no sidewalks.

These issues shape the health, wellness, and quality of life of communities around the country.

Participate in NPHW

There are many ways we can improve the lives of many and create a healthier country. Join a growing movement focused on inclusion and equity to guarantee policies include the wellbeing of everyone.

Research how you can influence local policy and help your community. | Photo by Alessandro Vallainc on Unsplash
  • Recognize the influence of prevention

  • Support for healthy and ethical decisions

  • Share approaches for prosperous communities

  • Promote the purpose of a robust public health policy

Additionally, the APHA Toolkit has everything you need:


Reach out to MeetCaregivers for extra assistance with ADLs, daily routines, mobility, and more.

Call (888) 541-1136 or email info@

Lastly, visit the Blog for more information about caregiving and senior living.

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