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It takes a particular type of person to become a caregiver. Learn what it means to have the heart of a caregiver and how to be a good caregiver.

Updated March 17, 2023

The Heart Of A Caregiver Hears A Calling Above The Rest

While working as a caregiver in college and eventually becoming the CEO of MeetCaregivers, Florence Furaha has had the opportunity to meet and speak to many caregivers. Over the years, she’s learned what it takes to have the heart of a caregiver and profoundly respects their work and who they are as individuals.

It’s not an easy job, as some people might think. As Florence always says, “Not everybody can be a caregiver.” It takes a special person to be a caregiver. After all, caregiving certainly isn’t the work you do to become rich.

Most people choose this career because they are compassionate and enjoy caring for others. They do it because they want to provide daily assistance to seniors or individuals with disabilities. They want to make a difference in someone’s life.

In addition to helping with daily activities such as bathing, bathroom functions, feeding, grooming, taking medication, and some housework, caregivers can also provide emotional support and companionship to many seniors.

Since caregivers assist seniors during very sensitive moments in their lives, they often become like extended family members to many seniors. Florence was very close to all the seniors that she worked with. It’s an enriching experience to see that your work positively impacts someone’s life and makes them more comfortable or happier.

The Heart Of A Caregiver

As the poem below highlights, if you have the heart of a caregiver, you also have a unique gift to make a tangible difference in many people’s lives.

By Ryann Huff

The heart of a caregiver is a rare element on earth

They define the true meaning and value of God’s worth

The soul of a caregiver is precious and pure

Their spirits are heavenly, of that I am sure

The selfless compassion and love that they share

Provides relief, joy, and comfort just knowing they’re there

Their efforts often unnoticed, full of strength and emotion

Bring peace to the heavens with angelic devotion

Many nights they are restless, their minds filled with unease

Because they devote their lives to tend to others’ needs

There is none more deserving than one with the caregiver ability

They show peace, love, and mercy and give our loved ones dignity

Caregiver, a special place in heaven is waiting for you
There is a special place inside my heart that is reserved for you, too

Thank you for everything, all of it, and more

I pray someone so kind is there for you when you knock on God’s door

~You are loved and respected and cherished

And I wouldn’t have known what to do without you

Heart of a caregiver - An elderly person holding a younger person's hand - MeetCaregivers
Having the heart of a caregiver matters in more ways than you may realize.

What Does It Take To Be A Good Caregiver?

Becoming certified as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) or HHA (home health aide) is critical. In addition, learning to work with individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases is also essential.

However, besides having the proper training and certification, you must be a people person, caring, patient, and reliable. MeetCaregivers prides itself on being more than a job board where anyone can sign up. During the screening process, we look for caregivers with experience but who are also passionate about their work and understand the responsibilities of being a caregiver.

We go above and beyond in our screening process and only accept professional caregivers we would hire to care for our own families. Florence always tells our care recruiters that if they would feel uncomfortable about a particular candidate caring for their aging mother or grandparents, that person should not work for us.

Do You Have The Heart Of A Caregiver?

If you know a great caregiver looking to work with seniors or individuals with disabilities, please send them our way. Likewise, if you are looking for an excellent caregiver for your loved one, we are here to connect you with experienced, caring, and professional caregivers.

MeetCaregivers is hiring caregivers (CNA/HHA) and nurses (LPN, RN) who are passionate about their careers and want to thrive in a high-demand industry. Apply here.

Call 1 (888) 541-1136, or visit our Blog for more information about caregiver certification and senior care.

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