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The search for and management of home care can be time-consuming and stressful. So we make it simple, secure, and affordable to locate, coordinate, and monitor senior care.

Coordinated Care Ensures Better Care For Seniors

We’re addressing the root cause of fragmented home care: ineffective technology. For example, most home care agencies match clients with caregivers based on the client’s care requirements and the caregiver’s skill set. Unfortunately, pairings did not consider personality or interests, making it difficult for caregivers and clients to develop positive relationships.

In addition, agencies needed a centralized digital database for monitoring and reporting health data across multiple channels. Without a digital system, caregivers relied on hand-written documentation – a time-consuming error-prone process.

Additionally, agencies needed an efficient method for caregivers, care managers, care recipients, and family members to communicate or share information promptly and clearly.

These friction points added to the stress of families, hindered the quality of care, and increased the risk of critical care gaps. Ultimately, these issues contributed to a more significant problem: senior loneliness and isolation.

Without efficient technology, caregivers, clients, and families had limited access to resources and little support to streamline the process. As a result, neither families nor caregivers were a good match, and relationships and care suffered.

MeetCaregivers employs several one-of-a-kind tools designed to transform the in-home care experience for everyone.

Coordinated Care Matching

MeetCaregivers connects our members to curated and approved resources, such as our Care Portal, CareFinder, and products for mobility, accessibility, nutrition, security, and personal care.

Our tech-enabled care matching algorithm improves matches between seniors and caregivers, decreasing caregiver turnover by 80% and increasing caregiver, senior, and family satisfaction rates to as high as 90%. In addition, our digital care tracking portal for digital care management enables caregivers, families, seniors, health providers, and carriers to connect easily and track care plans, tasks, ADLs, medications, and health data from a centralized location.

Coordinated Care From MeetCaregivers

MeetCaregivers seeks to eliminate barriers to aging in place so that millions of seniors can continue to reside in their homes. We connect seniors and highly-qualified caregivers and companions who help with ADLs, IADls, companionship, and more.

Our mission is to match seniors with the companions, services, care products, and technology tools they require to age in place and remain healthy. We employ several proprietary tools designed to revolutionize the in-home care experience.

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