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MeetCaregivers is excited to announce its participation in the 2015 MassChallenge Accelerator Program! Keep reading to learn more.

Updated April 26, 2023

MeetCaregivers Joins The 2015 MassChallenge Accelerator Program

MeetCaregivers, an innovative home care agency that connects seniors with the right home care professionals, recently announced its acceptance into the 2015 MassChallenge accelerator program. It gives entrepreneurs the resources their organizations need to grow and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

This event is an excellent chance to access expertise and resources from industry thought leaders and mentors. MeetCaregivers will participate alongside 128 Boston startups selected among over 1,600 applicants throughout the four-month event. Additionally, finalists will compete for over $1.75 million in cash awards and over $10 million in in-kind support.

More than 2,250 Boston and London startups applied to the accelerators. Of Boston’s 128 selections, 44% had at least one female founder. Entrepreneurs will participate in pitch workshops and connect with more than 700 mentors throughout the event.

Florence Furaha, MeetCaregivers CEO, says, “We are excited to have been selected to participate in the program this year. We are ready to scale and are confident that participating in MassChallenge will help us gain the contacts, visibility, and support we need to grow the business and help more seniors age at home.”

MeetCaregivers Simplifies Home Care For Everyone

As one of 28 startups selected for Boston’s “social impact” category, MeetCaregivers strives to make aging in place more accessible and more affordable for Boston’s elders. Our mission is to help millions of seniors across the US live their golden years in the comfort of their homes as long as possible.

In addition, we aim to empower our care professionals with tools and resources to simplify the process and create genuine moments of connection with seniors. After all, it’s not just families and seniors who want better matches! Based on our caregivers’ experience, personality requests are as crucial as care needs and experience.

Matching caregivers and families based on compatible personality traits helps build trust and rapport, avoiding potential points of friction and assuring consistent, compassionate support. Our matching formula naturally improves care delivery and quality, improving seniors’ overall health and reducing hospitalizations and costs for seniors, families, agencies, and health plans.

Additionally, our Care Portal keeps our growing caregiver network connected to the company while providing transparency between themselves, care managers, care recipients, and families. Our app provides one place for caregivers to communicate while letting families view these messages.

What Is MassChallenge?

MassChallenge runs startup accelerators designed to catalyze a global renaissance by connecting high-impact startups with the necessary resources to launch and succeed.

This event is open to every early-stage startup, regardless of industry or country. With programs in Boston, Israel, and the UK, entrepreneurs can receive mentorship, office space, education, access to a vast network, and more during the four-month program.

Additionally, startups with the highest impact and potential can win more than $1,75 million in non-dilutive grants. These funds come from corporate, public, and foundation partners as a nonprofit organization. The 617 alumni have raised over $950 million in funding, generated $486 million in revenue, and created 5,104 jobs to date.

MeetCaregivers Can Help

Are you interested in working with us or finding care for a loved one? If so, we can help! Call 1 (888) 541-1136 or find a caregiver today.

Would you like to learn more about the home care process, how to find the right caregiver, or who to prepare for aging in place? Visit our Blog for articles, guides, and more.

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