National Public Health Week 2020

National Public Health Week celebrates improvements in public health & raises awareness of the importance of health equity. Read & learn more.

Counseling Awareness Month Featured Image

Counseling Awareness Month: Why Therapy Matters To Seniors

Receiving the right guidance from a mental health professional can make these changes much easier to manage. Since April is Counseling Awareness Month, now is the perfect time to address an aspect of senior health that often goes neglected: mental wellness.

Thyroid Awareness Month Featured Image

National Thyroid Awareness Month

Many people don’t realize how important the thyroid is to overall health. Thyroid Awareness Month aims to educate people about thyroid disease and the importance of preventative care.

Recognizing Elderly Veterans' Unique Needs Featured Image

Recognizing Elderly Veterans’ Unique Needs

Elderly veterans face unique circumstances. They have higher incomes but fewer financial safety nets. They also report more health problems than their civilian counterparts. Understanding this group is key to meeting their needs. Keep reading to learn more.

Health Literacy Month Featured Image

How Health Literacy Month Supports Health Equity

October is Health Literacy Month. During this month, advocates raise awareness about the importance of equitable access to easy-to-understand health information and services. Health Literacy Month also aims to educate the public about barriers to health literacy that affect vulnerable groups.

Pain Awareness Month Featured Image

September Is Pain Awareness Month

Pain severely impacts the quality of life, especially for aging adults. It can interrupt sleep, impair memory and cognitive functioning, and impact emotional wellbeing. Pain Awareness Month aims to raise awareness about pain and how to manage it.

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