Cervical Health Awareness Month Featured Image

January Is Cervical Health Awareness Month

Cervical cancer was once the most common type of cancer among American women. But that’s changing thanks to awareness efforts like Cervical Health Awareness Month, which educates people about treatment and prevention. Keep reading to learn more.

Glaucoma Awareness Month Featured Image

January Is Glaucoma Awareness Month

Glaucoma Awareness Month aims to educate people by driving awareness about the signs of glaucoma and ways to prevent it. As the US population ages, many experts fear that blindness will become a more significant public health issue. Keep reading to learn more.

National Health Education Week Featured Image

Why National Health Education Week Matters

National Health Education Week is an annual observance during the third week of October. During this time, advocates aim to raise awareness of public health issues and the importance of health literacy.

Stress Awareness Month: Stress Management For Seniors

COVID-19 isn’t the only pandemic the world faces; we’re also amid a modern stress epidemic. While stress is a regular part of life, it can quickly become overwhelming for older adults. Learn how you can help.

National Public Health Week 2020

National Public Health Week celebrates improvements in public health & raises awareness of the importance of health equity. Read & learn more.

American Heart Month Featured Image

February Is American Heart Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. American Heart Month aims to change that by raising awareness about the many ways adults of every age can lower their risk and live healthier, longer lives.

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