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Health Plan FAQs For Seniors & Family Caregivers

Empowering yourself with knowledge is the best way to take charge of your health. Understanding your health plan benefits will go a long way to nurturing your or your loved one’s wellbeing. Here are frequently asked questions about health plans to help you get started.

MCG Attends The 2022 RISE Medicare Marketing & Sales Summit Featured Image

MCG Attends The 2022 RISE Medicare Marketing & Sales Summit

As part of MeetCaregivers’s mission to provide better access to affordable, high-quality care products for goods and seniors, we are partnering with health insurance carriers across the country. So to expand our outreach and learn how to enhance our partnership opportunities with current and future partners, we attended the RISE National 2022 Medicare Marketing and Sales Summit.

National Mental Health Month For Seniors Featured Image

Raising Awareness For Older Adults During National Mental Health Month

National Mental Health Month is a reminder that mental health plays a vital role in our overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, many older Americans don’t seek the help they need. So during this time, make a point to check in on your loved ones and understand their unique mental health needs.