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September Is Pain Awareness Month

Pain severely impacts the quality of life, especially for aging adults. It can interrupt sleep, impair memory and cognitive functioning, and impact emotional wellbeing. Pain Awareness Month aims to raise awareness about pain and how to manage it.

Blood Pressure Medication And Sun Exposure Featured Image

Blood Pressure Medication And Sun Exposure Safety For Seniors

It’s no secret that summer temperatures bring discomfort and health risks, especially for those more sensitive to heat. But for older adults, the combination of blood pressure medications and sun exposure can accelerate the harmful effects of heat intolerance.

Indoor Exercises For Seniors Featured Image

Indoor Exercises for Seniors

Indoor exercises for seniors make it easy to get the recommended amount of activity while staying inside. Here are some ideas to get you started.

summer recipes for seniors blog banner

6 Summer Recipes for Seniors

As we age, our taste buds aren’t the only things that change. Nutritional requirements also take a turn. It might be tricky to find recipes for seniors that are as delicious as they are nutritious, but these summer recipes for seniors will satisfy any craving.

Respite Care Featured Image

Respite Care: A Guide For Family Caregivers

Respite care lets family caregivers take a break while their loved ones continue to receive focused attention in a positive environment. Learn more about respite services, costs, and where to find help.

Jobs For Seniors Featured Image

12 Unique Jobs For Seniors In Retirement

A part-time job in retirement can be a great way to supplement your Social Security payments and retirement savings. If you live on a fixed income, the extra money can ensure you live comfortably and have the funds to afford new pursuits. Here are a few ways retirees can earn additional money.

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