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Common Barriers To Aging In Place For Older Adults

The US’s soaring population of adult adults has remained a major topic of focus for decades. As a result, Healthcare organizations, systems, and policymakers have implemented several changes to address this group’s expanding needs. Removing barriers to aging in place would allow millions more seniors to remain at home, leading to lower costs for individuals, families, health systems, and the federal government.

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How Fragmented Care Impacts Overall Health

The US healthcare system suffers from a serious condition: fragmentation. While serious, this issue isn’t terminal. Treating this problem will help remove many barriers to health, allowing more seniors to stay in their homes and reducing the burden on healthcare systems.

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How Social Determinants Of Health Drive Caregiver Burden

Unfortunately, many family caregivers lack the support and resources to overcome social determinants of health that contribute to their unmet needs. This article explores how the role of caregiving impacts informal caregivers and ways that health systems and experts can address the problem

How Reliable Transportation Impacts Seniors Featured Image

How Reliable Transportation Impacts Seniors

Access to reliable public or private transportation dramatically impacts our overall quality of life. For seniors, in particular, the absence of reliable transportation is a social determinant of health that could result in poorer health and higher isolation rates.

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Unmet Needs Of The Elderly

MeetCaregivers aims to solve problems facing seniors, families, and caregivers by addressing healthcare inequality and increasing access to high-quality care. Part of that includes raising awareness about social determinants of health and their impact on aging in place. This research article explores five social determinants of health that contribute to seniors’ unmet needs and hinder aging in place.

National Public Health Week 2020

National Public Health Week celebrates improvements in public health & raises awareness of the importance of health equity. Read & learn more.

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How Health Literacy Month Supports Health Equity

October is Health Literacy Month. During this month, advocates raise awareness about the importance of equitable access to easy-to-understand health information and services. Health Literacy Month also aims to educate the public about barriers to health literacy that affect vulnerable groups.

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