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MeetCaregivers Care Portal: Care Coordination At Your Fingertips

The MeetCaregivers Care Portal promotes care coordination by simplifying everyday communication and reporting for seniors, caregivers, and family members. This solution reduces gaps in care, improves satisfaction with care services, and eases stress for families and caregivers.

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MeetCaregivers Care Match Formula: The Secret To Successful Home Care

Poor matches between caregivers and seniors contribute to care fragmentation, caregiver turnover, and family stress. Our Care Match formula facilitates better matches between seniors and caregivers, leading to better client/caregiver relationships, care, and peace of mind for families.

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20 Signs Your Aging Parents Need Help At Home

Knowing the signs that your aging parents need help at home will go a long way to supporting their health, safety, and quality of life. By learning these signs (and where to find the right resources), you can give your parents the support they need as they age.

How To Get Your Caregiver License Featured Image

How To Get Your Professional Caregiver License

Caregiver license programs empower professionals and help them feel more fulfilled while building stronger relationships with care recipients. Keep reading to learn more about caregiver licensing and training.

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Common Barriers To Aging In Place For Older Adults

The US’s soaring population of adult adults has remained a major topic of focus for decades. As a result, Healthcare organizations, systems, and policymakers have implemented several changes to address this group’s expanding needs. Removing barriers to aging in place would allow millions more seniors to remain at home, leading to lower costs for individuals, families, health systems, and the federal government.

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Improving Home Healthcare

Caregivers are essential to helping seniors age in place because they provide a holistic perspective of each care recipient. Our Care Portal makes it easier for caregivers to share key information with families and other care team members.

How Reliable Transportation Impacts Seniors Featured Image

How Reliable Transportation Impacts Seniors

Access to reliable public or private transportation dramatically impacts our overall quality of life. For seniors, in particular, the absence of reliable transportation is a social determinant of health that could result in poorer health and higher isolation rates.

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Affordable Senior Resources In Massachusetts

Massachusetts provides many senior resources to support its aging community. Here is a list of programs and organizations offering housing assistance, healthcare, elder abuse, support groups, and more.

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Long-Term Care Planning Basics

Long-term care planning is an important — yet often overlooked — part of aging. While planning won’t prevent all financial or emotional challenges, it can help you minimize many of them — or avoid them altogether. To learn the basics about long-term care planning, continue reading.

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